Garden Center

  • Ornamental- (Crabapple,Dogwood,Cherry,Redbud,etc.) 
  • Shade- (Maple,Oak,Elm,Birch,etc.)
  • Evergreen- (Pine,Spruce,Fir,etc.)
  • Fruit- (Apple,Cherry,Peach,Pear,Plum)                                     Whether you are looking to beautify your yard, add some shade to your lawn, or create a hedge, we have a wide selection of trees in a variety of sizes and prices.
Shop our patio where you will find a great selection of shrubs. Whether you are looking for something flowering or evergreen, sun or shade, low-growing or tall, we have something that will fit your needs. Choose from our variety of shrub types including hydrangea, lilac, rose of sharon, spirea, and many more. Or evergreens such as arborvitae, boxwood, juniper, yew, etc.

We have hundreds of different perennials on display. Choose from groundcovers (Ivy,Sedum,Vinca, Ajuga,etc.), sun-loving (Coneflower,Daylily,Daisy,Hollyhock,Lavender,etc.), shade-loving (Hosta,Fern,Astilbe,Coral Bells,etc.), natives, grasses, and much more.
Annuals are a great way to bring some color into your landscape or use in containers to put on your patio or porch. Visit our large growing greenhouse where we have thousands of annual flowers to choose from.
Plant roses to bloom all summer long. We have many different colors and varieties to choose from. We have thousands of knockout roses that are grown in house so you can get them at a great price!
Vegetable and Flower Seeds
We have several racks of seeds. Our Burgess rack has a great variety of tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs, and many others to choose from. We also have NK, Ferry Morse, and Livingston racks with flowers, organic and heirloom vegetables, gourds, and more
Grass Seed
Grow a healthy lawn with grass seed formulated for our climate. We have several different varieties of grass seed available.
Bird Seed and Accessories
Attract many different birds to visit your home using various kinds of birdseed and other food. We also have a variety of bird feeders and houses available.
Our garden center has a nice selection of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to help you with all of your gardening needs.
Bring some green into your home or office with a houseplant. We have many varieties and sizes available to select from.

Statuary, Fountains, Benches, Birdbaths
Stop in and check out our statuary displays. We have statues, fountains, benches, birdbaths, and more.
We carry an assortment of different sizes and styles of pottery.
Garden Tools
We have many different tools and accessories to help with your gardening project. Shovels, trowels, bulb planters, gloves, water wands, rain gauges, soil test kits, and much more.