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Color and natural beauty for all seasons

​Spring / Summer

There is always something in bloom at the garden center! Come see a beautiful display of annuals filling our large greenhouse, or stop by to see which perennials are doing their thing. We carry a large selection of perennials, trees, and shrubs, including a wide range of native species. This time of year is always beaming with color

Winter / Fall

Massive fall mums are grown right here at home in our field! Mums are planted in May so by September you have a full, round mum ready to pop with color! We are your one-stop-shop for fall decorating. If you need pumpkins, pansies, gourds, kale, or straw bales, we've got you covered and more!


Bring gardening indoors with a gorgeous houseplant to accent your home decor! We have a variety of plants small and large ranging from the truly unique to all the old favorites. From the darkest corners to the brightest sunrooms, we have a plant perfect to fill the spot.  Our knowledgeable staff can tell you everything you need to know to keep your new plant companion happy and healthy.

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